Our Tree "Angel's Wings"

"Angel's Wings" by Atlanta's Art
Atlanta's Art is so excited to be a part of this year's Cape Fear Festival of Trees!  Our tree, "Angel's Wings" was a concept by artist, Teresa Gausman and features handmade butterflies using artwork from my Angel's Series.  Artist, Lana Prince created the butterfly patterns and with assistance from the entire Atlanta's Art team, the butterflies were brought to life. 

Many thanks to Lower Cape Fear Hospice, our sponsor, Keller's, Inc., and to all those who made this tree possible! 

My latest poem, "Butterfly Tree," celebrates this new creation.
Butterfly Tree by Atlanta Marie Carrera

The butterfly tree
weaves golden dreams
with a rainbow of smiles.

Countless wings
soaring upward
leave a trail of love.

An unknown angel
leads spheres of light
as good deeds shine.

Happiness flows
like a river of joy
through bright colored wonder.

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Jenny approves of our tree!
Reynold & Atlanta on setup day