Festival of Trees - Lower Cape Fear LifeCare

Atlanta's ART Tree - "Memories of Old" Festival of Trees - Lower Cape Fear LifeCare Fort Fisher Aquarium

Using art from my “Christmas Series,” I had ceramic ornaments made. Then, we found, assembled and modified ornaments to match the images.

Our Atlanta’s ART Tree “Memories of Old” is finished for the Lower Cape Fear LifeCare (aka Hospice) Festival of Trees at the aquarium this year!!! A big thank you to my team helping me paint ornaments and decorate!!

Atlanta Carrera, Jenny Carrera, Lisa Kempton

Hospice Festival of Trees - "Heart of Gold"


"Heart of Gold" - in Search of Spirit

Atlanta Marie Carrera - Atlanta's ART
2019 Festival of Trees
Lower Cape Fear Hospice
Ft. Fisher Aquarium
Atlanta's ART's entry in the
Lower Cape Fear Hospice
2019 Festival of Trees
at Fort Fisher Aquarium

Our entry is designed to illustrate the inner struggle of a mind being overcome with memory loss.  Each painting on the tree "hides" a poem (on the reverse side) which explores our "Search of Spirit."  Through this journey, we are enlightened in ways we never imagined. 

Photo credit:  Belinda Keller Photography

"Heart of Gold"
by Atlanta's ART
Dedicated to my husband
Reynold Carrera 1960-2019

 "Heart of Gold" is dedicated to my loving husband and the many memories we have made over the years. 
Dementia (represented in purple) grows slowly; entangling one's mind, but one's soul; their inner spirit (represented in gold), remains hidden deep within.

"Sunrise Over a Mountain of Fog"

"Dream Catcher of Wishes"
"Forget-Me-Nots in Bloom"

"Blooms in a Tangled Vine"

"Floating in the Seaweed"
"Focus on One Flower"

"Fishy, Fishy" in a Sea Anemone"

"Glory in Winter"
"Hidden Blossoms"
"Scattering of Flowered Branches"
"Lost Balloons"

"Light Among the Thorns"

"Light within the Petals"

"Lost Feathers"

"Partnership in Caregiving"
"Simplicity within Confusion"

Alzheimer's Association Walk

We did it! What a great event today at the Alzheimer’s Association walk! Many many thanks to everyone who helped us along the way, stopped by, donated and walked with us!! We so appreciate all the support.

Atlanta’s ART presents... “Colors of the Deep”

"Colors of the Deep"
by Atlanta's ART

Atlanta’s ART is pleased to present our Tree
"Colors of the Deep"
for the Lower Cape Fear Hospice
Festival of Trees
at Fort Fisher Aquarium

Hand Crafted ornaments
using art from my Series:

Sea Creatures

Jenny Carrera

Lisa & Jane
Reynold, Jenny & the Moon Jellies

"Pumpkin Fest" Art Show

Bring this flyer and tell the wait staff you are here for the Hospice Fundraiser and 20% of your meal will be donated to Hospice by On The Border!

Date:   Monday, October 9, 2017
Time:   5:30-7:30 Atlanta's ART show
Place:  On The Border in Mayfaire

Fundraising is ALL DAY for: 
Children's Memorial Garden
In memory of Teresa Koska

Atlanta's Art Celebrates Fall
with our latest creations in a series we call "Pumpkin Fest!"

Atlanta's ART Summer Celebration & Show

Date:  Saturday, August 19th

Time:  1-3 p.m.

Location:  Michaels in Mayfaire

Featuring the following Art Series:
Sea Creatures

Coloring with the kids
Print Giveaways
Meet the Artist

Fundraising for:
Lower Cape Fear Hospice
Children's Memorial Garden
in memory of Teresa Koska


Atlanta's ART for WARM Wilmington Area Rebuilding Ministry

"Blue Ring Angelfish" by Atlanta Marie Carrera
Atlanta's ART Fish Series
Atlanta's Art featured prints from my Fish Series at the 7th Annual "Raise the Roof" Gala fundraiser for WARM Wilmington Area Rebuilding Ministry held on June 2nd.
Additional prints are still available
Atlanta's ART Fish Series

Send an email request to:

Donations can be made online to

Celebrating Artist Appreciation Month

Dash Away Vixen's Painter Elf Ornament
by Patience Brewster

The Patience Brewster Artist Appreciation Project

Atlanta's Art was invited by PatienceBrewster.com to participate in their project for "Artist Appreciation Month" by blogging about the artist who inspired my art.  What a great way to show your appreciation of other artists!

For those of you not familiar with the unique style and whimsical art of Patience Brewster, here is a link to her remarkable Christmas ornaments and card collections.

This little elf will soon be added to my Christmas tree this year!

As I learned more about the Patience Brewster family, I discovered how generous and giving they are with the personal mission they set for themselves by establishing The Holland C. Gregg IV Research Foundation Fund in conjunction with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  Raising over $180,000.00 in its first two years at "A Dinner for Herm", proceeds from their fund go directly to advancing research to improve cancer treatment.

Atlanta's Art is pleased to support their fundraising efforts and is excited to see where the Artist Appreciation Project leads.  Look for updates soon at patiencebrewster.com/blog to follow along.

My Favorite Artist - Mary Ellen Golden

"Heart of Wilmington"
by Mary Ellen Golden
My all time favorite artist without question is Mary Ellen Golden.  Her watercolors capture scenes of my hometown (Wilmington, NC) and the surrounding beaches and waterways in such a spectacular splendor with vivid colors and remarkable depth.

As a friend and classmate of her daughter, I was given her art as gifts for my graduation and then again for my wedding.  I cherish these personally signed prints and have added many more to my collection over the years.  Her gallery,  The Golden Gallery, is an icon of Wilmington itself.

Here are some of my favorites...

"Cloud Surfing with Kites by the Ocean at Wrightsville Beach"
by Mary Ellen Golden

"Blockade Runner Hotel behind a Sailboat at Wrightsville Beach"
by Mary Ellen Golden

The Inspiration for My Art

"Covered Bridge in Bedford, PA"
by Atlanta Marie Carrera
The greatest inspiration for me has always been my children.  When my daughter, Lana, was in middle school, she wanted to enter the family art show.  She needed a family member to submit a piece with her, so I agreed to come up with something.  This was my first attempt at painting!  I got advice and direction along the way from my sister, Teresa, who has a Fine Arts degree from UNCW.  The "Covered Bridge in Bedford, PA" was a bridge we visited on our family vacation.

I enjoyed painting this so much and was pleased with the outcome since I had never had any art classes.  My daughters, Lana & Christina, helped me paint this same scene as a large mural at the cabin in PA owned by my husband's brother.  Every time we visited the cabin, we added more and more to this mural and then moved on to a second one featuring the Town of Bedford.

"Harmony" by Atlanta Marie Carrera
(named by Jenny)
When our youngest daughter, Jennifer, was born, I spent many Saturdays at home with her, coloring and later painting.  She was always pushing me to paint with her, for her and about her!  Together, we started the "Jenny" series and I discovered that art didn't have to be perfect, it was okay to just be fun.

"Swan Lake at Airlie Gardens"
by Atlanta Marie Carrera
My favorite part about painting "Jenny" was when she would dress up in dance costumes and pose for me.  We soon started the Ballet Series and decided on charities we could donate to with our art.

So, if my paintings are child like in nature, it's because that is where they come from ...the hearts of children.

How "Atlanta's Art" was Born

"Birth of an Angel"
by Atlanta Marie Carrera
When I first started getting requests for my paintings or prints, I would always just give them away to family and friends.  I never considered myself an artist since I had no formal training.  It was just something I did for fun.

Soon, other people began to want copies, and I provided those also for no charge with the simple request to "pay it forward."  I would ask that they make a donation somewhere or do a kind deed for someone.

I quickly realized that people wanted a more formal way to accept my art.  So, my husband and I paid a visit to Lower Cape Fear Hospice and got their permission to accept donations on their behalf as a memorial to my grandmother, Atlanta King Taylor.  I was encouraged by a friend to create paintings to go with several poems I had written and my first series of cards with poems was started as my "Angels Series" to benefit Hospice.

"Together We Make Our Way"
by Deborah Cavenaugh & Catherine Carter
About this same time, my niece, Catherine Carter, had been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  She had been working with her art teacher, Deborah Cavenaugh  to create an art piece for fundraising for JDRF.  Catherine wanted to setup a website, make prints, and raise money with her art.  I offered to help her reach those goals, and we did!

Deborah Cavenaugh signed over the rights to Catherine for her part in the print "Together We Make Our Way" to help launch Catherine's Series and "Art to cure Diabetes" was started.

"Atlanta's Art Logo"
by Lana Elizabeth (Carrera) Prince
Once I had enough art pieces, I decided to setup an art booth during the NC Azalea Festival and at Riverfest in Wilmington, NC where we could raise money for several charities at once.  Since I needed a Sales & Use Tax license in order to get a booth, "Atlanta's Art" officially became a business in September of  2012.

As I continued to work on my own art, I keep adding more and more charities to the list.  Visit AtlantasArt.com for links to my fundraising series, poetry collections, songs, and many other inspiring websites.  A big thank you my family and friends and to all the artists in my life who have been a part of this incredible journey that is now ATLANTA'S ART!